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Freight Broker Formation

Let OneStep complete your registrations

Before you hit the road with your freight brokerage business, OneStep will make sure you have all the necessary permits and registrations.


We offer comprehensive services to help you get started, including business name registrations, permit registrations, USDOT numbers, MC numbers, UCR and BOC-3 Filings.

All you need to do is click on Get Started and let one of our reps take care of everything.

Why OneStep

We have registered many companies in the past and know the right way to get everything you need before you hit the road. When you operate an interstate operation trucking company, you are following the Federal Rules and Regulations. This is why it is essential to stay compliant at every step. Let us take care of all the steps so you can concentrate on more important things.

Every freight broker will need the below registrations/permits to start operation

Business Name

We will register the business name for you that you will operate with through the Secretary of State.

BOC-3 Filing

We will process the BOC-3 Registration so you have a representative in every state you operate in

IRS Registration

We will process the EIN Registration and classification with the. Internal Revenue Service

UCR Filing

We will process your annual Unified Carrier Registration so you can relax knowing you are compliant

FMCSA Registration

We will process the Federal Motor Carrier Registration so you can operate on highways

Custom Permits

Depending on the type of operation you will be doing, we will register the necessary permits and provide you with the support you need to get started

Don't do it yourself. It's safer to let an expert handle your registration

Registering your freight brokerage will require a lot of knowledge and expertise to ensure applications and permits are completed accurately. Errors in government applications will slow down your registration process costing you money. 

Let us complete the paperwork for you in an accurate manner so you can get to brokering your loads.

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