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FMCSA Reinstatements

Let OneStep fix your FMCSA registration issues

We specialize in getting FMCSA issues resolved. Let us take a look at your issues with FMCSA and process the paperwork needed to get you back in good standing with FMCSA. 

There are several factors that can cause you to be out of service, dismissed, forfeited, or in a pending status. 

We can quickly determine the action plan and take action to resolve your issues. Most of our resolutions can be fixed the same day and no longer than 2-3 business days. Click the Get Started below and we will jump on your resolution immediately. 

Why OneStep

We have registered many companies in the past and know the right way to get everything you need before you hit the road. When you operate an interstate operation trucking company, you are following the Federal Rules and Regulations. This is why it is essential to stay compliant at every step. Let us take care of all the steps so you can concentrate on more important things.

We like to roll up our sleeves and take care of your issues with FMCSA.

Bianneal Updates

Every time you make a change to your business by changing the number of drivers/vehicles, address changes, name changes, etc. an update needs to be made.

Errors in Fillings

If you have made a mistake when you were filling your USDOT/MC Application we can easily fix your problems. Let us dive in and tell you what to do. 


We can take care of the dismissed status of your authority and submit the paperwork the same day. Normally the next morning you are back up and running. 

FMCSA Notices or Letters

If you received a notice or letter from FMCSA, we can help. Send us the notice or letter, and we will handle everything on your behalf. 

FMCSA Reinstatement

We will process all your documents that are needed for a reinstatement of your USDOT/MC Number. We make it quick and easy so you don't have to worry.

Other FMCSA Issues

If you have other problems such as FMCSA audits or anything else we can help you as well. Simply reach out and we can get you up and running. 

Don't do it yourself. It's safer to let an expert handle your FMCSA Reinstatement

Being in compliance with FMCSA is the most important aspect of operating your trucking or freight brokerage company. We have assisted over 3,000 resolutions in our time and will help you just the same. 

Our experts understand and know what to do in every situation so you don't have to worry about your resolution. We can handle it!

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